August Skater of the Month

Black Ice/Photo by Quick Draw Sports Photography

Black Ice/Photo by Quick Draw Sports Photography

Our August skater of the month is one of the first graduates of our First Skate program that debuted last year. From the minute Black Ice strapped on skates she has proven to be a quick study to the sport of roller derby, absorbing skills like a sponge. Her dedication is beyond admirable, as she is constantly working on and off the track to improve her skills and be the best teammate she can be. Ice will be moving abroad at the end of the month to pursue her love of fashion in London and we will miss her terribly. Best of luck and we can’t wait to skate with you when you return home after school!!

Name: Naichelle Davis/ Black Ice

How did you start playing roller derby?
I started playing roller derby almost a year ago when I joined the fresh meat program that was hosted by the Garden State Rollergirls

How did you find Garden state?
I found Garden State by chance. There was a small festival in my town, and as I was on my way to the train station I walked pass the table they had set up and was given a flyer for the fresh meat program and that was the beginning of my journey.

What’s your favorite thing to do off the track?
I like to relax when I am off the track, catching up with friends and family is a pastime that I enjoy.

What’s your favorite movie?
I have such a hard time picking favorites, but if I had to choose one it would be Spirited Away. It was the first Studio Ghibli film that I watched, and has been my number one ever since.

Who is your favorite player?
Since started playing roller derby, I have seen so many amazing players, both on and off my team, that choosing a favorite player is something I don’t I am capable of just yet.

What position do you play?
I play a little bit of every position, but I am primarily a blocker and I love it. Having the ability to stop or slow down a jammer in their tracks when they think they have the upper hand brings me joy

What is your favorite part of being part of Garden State?
I love the feeling of family I get from being apart of Garden State. When I moved back to New Jersey after undergrad the only people I knew were family members, so when I joined Garden State it was unlocking a second family.

Photo credit: Quick Draw Sports Photography